Fence and corral building materials

The Pipe Yard has many options when it comes to your fencing and corral needs.  We do have an expert in this area who would be able to give you options for material and advice on how to do it yourself.  Our expert could also quote you on a complete installed fence or corral whatever your needs!  Please contact Lorne Bradshaw in our office and he will use his years of farming, welding and pipe sales to solve your problems!

Pipe flat end Pipe end flattener Fence (5) Fence (4) Fence (3) Fence (2) Fence (1)


Below are 2 pictures of a 110ft x 200ft riding arena supplied and installed by The Pipe Yard Ltd.  Please call for any custom requirements and we will give you a quote!

Riding arena (2) Riding arena (1)


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